It refers to the betting goals, which can affect the continued gambling . The researchers prove this according to their conclusion. But what about that evidence?

Be critical with research

Of course you have to read the research for that. And then of course read critically. That is more difficult with this type of research than with other research. First, let’s give a few examples of other research.

In several popular family magazines it says: ‘cinnamon is good for health’. Then follow some specific examples of why it would be good. Some magazines even mention one or more studies as the source of their article.

Cinnamon is good for health

From our remark ‘be critical with research’, we address the aforementioned studies. What seems. All studies have been conducted with Ceylon cinnamon (scientific name: Cinnamomum Zeylanicum). It is hardly for sale in the Netherlands. Almost all ground cinnamon you can buy here comes from China, Indonesia and Vietnam (scientific name: Cinnamomum Cassia).

That cinnamon comes from a cutting of the tree in Ceylon. The Chinese took them to China . However, the circumstances are different there. As a result, the cinnamon has a different structure and its properties do not appear to match those from Ceylon. So if you absolutely want the properties from the research, you have to get a cinnamon stick from Ceylon and grind it yourself. However, the magazines do not say that.

Dark chocolate for good blood pressure

As easy as with cinnamon, being critical isn’t always. But the warning ‘be critical with research’ remains meaningful and doable. So when reading in the popular media about the many benefits of dark chocolate, let’s dive back into the studies. Then it turns out that it is not about chocolate but about cocoa, which is only a base of chocolate (chocolate is made from sugar, cocoa butter and cocoa).

Difficult is that in the hundreds of studies into the benefits of dark chocolate, the words cocoa and cocoa are used. And those words are also used incorrectly in several non-Dutch studies. Cocoa is the product that comes from the cocoa tree and cocoa is processed cocoa. However, a critical reading shows that some researchers use unprocessed cocoa, but refer to this as cocoa in their research. And vice versa, others use, for example, heated cocoa and call this cocoa, while it should actually be called cocoa.

We will not go into it further here and only report the end result. The conclusions from the popular media only apply to unprocessed cocoa. Perhaps even if it is heated. But not with other processing, such as adding other fats and sugars. And chocolate? Only if it is unprocessed. And most chocolate is not because of an operation that is almost always carried out.

Gambling goals (can) lead to more bets

In the above two examples, you can view popular news fairly quickly for truth and / or meaning. The studies are full of facts that you can research. And the researcher used tangible products in his lab, which you probably just buy. This is more difficult in studies around gambling, livecasino, and similar environments. There you have to deal differently with ‘be critical with research’. It’s not just about facts you can figure out. There is also some empathy involved.

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